Ways to Use…


✨Everyday Growth and Scalp Maintenance

Warm the oil between your hands and breathe in the natural calming scent. Apply a few drops to the hairline and thinner areas scalp. Use your fingertips or scalp massager in a circular motion without tugging on the hair. Can be used throughout the day or overnight for optimal results.

✨Quick Rescue and Restore

After shampooing on clean damp hair mix a few pumps into your palm with your favorite hair conditioner or mask. Comb or rake through all the hair and leave for 3-5 minutes for a quick boost and daily growth maintenance.

✨Weekly Wash Day Treatment to Help Restore Luster and Start Hair Healing

Apply liberally to dry ends of hair and scalp for 1-4 hours before shampooing. Comb through all of the hair but do not over saturate. Rinse well with warm water before adding shampoo and follow with conditioner if needed.

✨Monthly Deep Treatment and Salon Application

For damaged, dehydrated, colored and coarse grey hair apply all over for 30 minutes on dry hair with low/medium heat. Can also be used between foils and during root touch ups to protect weak strands and add shine to the ends. Shampoo and condition.

✨Heat Protection and Environmental Protection

Warm a few drops in your hands and lightly coat clean damp hair before blow drying. If needed add a few more drops when ready for heated tools. Before swimming or tanning apply all over to protect your hair from the sun and salt and chlorine.

✨Styling and Braiding

Our concentrated formula can be used on all hair types to add shine and finish your styling. OHH G can be combined with any product for wet styling, natural curls, waves, and super sleek looks. Also safe to use on wigs, extensions and to protect hair/scalp before and after braiding.

✨Kids and Emergencies

Our pure formulas are kid safe and have magic tangle releasing properties! Warm OHH G in hands and apply liberally to the ends before brushing out tangled tresses. Work your way up from the ends with a hair brush and watch the knots slip out with no tugging or tears. Leave overnight as a treatment or shampoo and condition and style as usual.











Our OHH G pure and concentrated formula has a natural warm scent with no added fragrance, alcohols, sulfates or preservatives. Tested on real people ages 2 and up, never on animals. 70% certified organic ingredients with 98% positive results after one bottle*.

Warning. This product is not intended to treat medical hair and scalp conditions but can be helpful when combined with most popular hair loss treatments. Pregnant or individuals with known allergies, consult your doctor before proceeding. If concerned with sensitivities or possible allergic reactions, apply a one drop test spot behind the ear or on the inside of the elbow for 24 hours prior to full application to check for any reactions or sensitivity. Mild scalp tingling and warmth after application and massage is not a sign of allergic reaction, in most cases it means, it’s working!✨